Anna Lamberg-Offer

* 19.02.1919 (Vienna) 12.9.2012 (Vienna) Austria
Fields of activity: Resistance fighter, actress
Author: Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel

Anna Lamberg-Offer.

"Those, who have talent, have to be challenged”

It was Anna’s lifetime project and her life task to discover talents. Clear analytical intellect, vast political experience and originating from a bourgeois family with a high level of education were the foundations for this life.

Not only to shape actors and actresses and to lead them to artistic maturity by an extremely demanding training, but also to form them into politically thinking and acting personalities was an unusual combination. “Art has nothing to do with politics” is a credo, which over and again crops up in artistic circles, although it has been disproved long ago. She explicitly opposed this credo.

Anna Lamberg-Offer, who was active as a young woman in the anti fascist resistance movement under highly dangerous circumstances and who endured extreme conditions – which she hardly ever talked about – assigned a mission to generations of young actors and actresses: to interfere by means of artistic presentation as well as by direct political involvement and to distinctly step up against Fascism, anti-Semitism and Racism. Among her pupils were Oskar Werner, Hilde Krahl, Helmuth Lohner, Felix Dworak and many others.

She warned explicitly not to confuse demonstration activities, important as they are, with resistance fighting in the classical sense of the word. According to her conviction it takes more than peaceful demonstrations. It is a different thing altogether to move in dangerous realms to save other people’s lives, which can result in severe sanctions.

Till the end of her life she kept up her courageous spirit, her fighting power and resistance, challenging herself and others.


Source: Interviews with Anna Lamberg-Offer

Photocredits: Anna Lamberg-Offer, author unknown, Source: private property and with friendly permission of Mrs. Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel