Kinga Wisniewska-Roszkowska

* 20.02.1916 (Lodz) 08.02.2006 (Lodz) Poland
Fields of activity: Doctor of medicine gynecologist
Author: Małgorzata Druri

«It is necessary to teach women how to live, take care and nourish them selves and theirs families for save health, youth and happiness. »

Kinga Roszkowska-Wiśniewska

Why I consider this woman to be an important person?

Her activity influenced for quality of contemporary life, particularly for seniors


Kinga Wiśniewska- Roszkowska was born 20 of February1916 in the teacher s family.

Her father was the peasant s son but thanks to his talents, ambition and hard work he studied mathematic on the University of Warsaw and in Liege {Belgium}.

After return to Poland he worked as mathematic teacher with great authority.

Kinga heritage ambitions and dispositions to hard work after her father.

After matriculation in secondary school for girls in Lodz she studied medicine in Warsaw. She received her diploma in spring 1939 and went to Bucharest for practice.

The beginning of II war forced her to return. After destruction of Warsaw she lived with family in the village Sokołów, in very difficult conditions.

In the presence of danger carrying out to Germany Kinga decided to use her diploma and started to work as the physician for Polish workers in small town Szadek.

There she was only one doctor so she had engaged everything.

After war she was the chief of hospital in Lipiny, worked in Gdynia and Sopot. In 1949 she settled down in Lodz, where worked first in dermatologic hospital, later graduated II degree in interne under direction prof. Markert from hospital Barlicki s name.

In 1951 Kinga married Mirosław Roszkowski, later professor of Polytechnic Institute in Lodz Under influence Max Birchner-Benner, s book she interested of problems proper nourishing and diet. Her doctor s work concerned cure heart diseases by hungriness and using only juices of fruits.

In spite of successes in this cure her method was not accepted in medical society.

Her dream was to create a sanatorium dietary department.

Kinga Wiśniewska-Roszkowska was pionier of geriatrics, graduated I degree in this specialization, still not popular in Poland.

She wrote a lot about medicine of old age, promoting healthy life.

Very active, traveling, working to the old years she was perfect illustration her theories.


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